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Starting in the 2003 event season, we began uploading our images to a website for viewing by our clients. Any family members, friends or guests that may wish to view or purchase photos from your event may also visit your event site.

The site is private for you and your friends and is protected by a passcode that may be shared with special people that you select. We usually hand out an event card with all of the pertinent online info: URL & passcode.

Prints may be purchased through the shopping feature accompanying the online album, making it simple for scattered family and friends to acquire photos of your event. And we ALWAYS run special pricing (with deep discounts) for at least 4 weeks after an event

Check out a sample (wedding or mitzvah) event site of ours. The sample sites are real events, complete from start to finish. For your convenience they are not passcoded:

Wedding Event

Mitzvah Event

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