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Senior Package Order Guidelines

Answers to questions you'll probably ask me and are dying to know the answers to . . .

Contact us for more information, to make an appointment or to simply ask a new question!

Q. What outfits can I bring?

A. We have the drape for girls and tuxedo jackets for boys for the yearbook photos here. We also have cap and gowns for the "official" graduation photo. We'd like you to bring up to three other outfits -- maybe a sports jersey, casual outfit and a dressy outfit. Girls can bring a nice dress -- like a prom or homecoming dress (don't forget your nice shoes!) and guys can bring a nice suit as well. If it's a nice day, we'll take a few shots outdoors, too. (After October 15th, no appointments may be postponed due to weather -- so come in early!)

Q. Do you do touch-ups? And are they free?

A. Since we are shooting your portraits digitally now, we can take care of minor blemishes (repeat, minor) for no extra charge.

Everyone's needs and desires and situations are different, however. We do have to charge for tan lines, removal of braces and excessively heavy re-touching. The cost for that is on a case by case basis and is determined by the amount of computer time required to perform the re-touching.

The average cost for braces and tan line removal is approximately $35.00 per pose. Once the retouching is accomplished, we can make as many prints as we like from the re-touched image since it is all digital -- unlike the old days when each photo needed to be re-touched (like some of our un-named competition still does :))

Regardless, our re-touching is delicate and "light-handed". You will still look like you - not like an over-re-touched mannequin :-))

Q. Can I bring a friend or a pet to the portrait sitting?

A. Everything except elephants are allowed to the shoot. If you bring an animal (other than your boyfriend -- just kidding!!), please have another person accompany you to the shoot to "handle" your pet so that you won't be distracted during the rest of the shoot. Usually, we'll shoot the pet pix first. That gives your pet a chance to recuperate from the process. It can be stressful for her, being in an unfamiliar environment. (It could be stressful to the photographer if your pet bites him or eats one of his cats . . . but that's another topic.)

Q. What if I hate my portrait?

A. Odds are you won't. Odds are you'll love your portraits. We are a small studio that takes pride in customer service, quality work and customer satisfaction. We can't compete pricewise with the jumbo studio that comes to your school and photographs 500 students in a day. Likewise, they can't compete with us on a customer service and satisfaction level. We spend time getting to know you and take the time necessary to photograph the real you. If for any reason you don't like your portrait, you are free to request either a refund of your deposit or a re-shoot . . . absolutely. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Before you leave the studio, you will be able to view your digital proofs.

Q. What if I want more poses than a certain package has in it, but I don't need all the pictures in the next larger package?

A. We realize that packages are somewhat restrictive, but they are also economical: that's how we get our price break from the lab to be able to offer you so many photos for such a great price. However, we do have an a la carte price list that allows you to buy one or two other poses individually. The unit cost is slightly higher than those in the packages, but less expensive than having to buy the next package up.

Q. What if I want a proof book?

A. There are about 30-40 images on the CD. If you want a proof book, you may select 20 of your favorites and have them put in a proof book for $150.00. Proof books are only available as an add-on to a package order.

Q. When is the money due for my portrait order and what is the sitting fee?

A. We try very hard to not charge a sitting fee - you are asked to bring a $100.00 deposit when you come in for your session. When you place your order (within a week of the shoot), that amount is applied directly to your selected package. After a week, that $100.00 does become a sitting fee. That is only to provide incentive to get your portraits ordered so we can get your pic to the yearbook and so that you can have your wallets to give out to your friends (who, of course, already have theirs ;) And, don't forget - we always honor a 5% discount when your order is placed within two days of your portrait session. Maryland State Sales Tax is also collected.

Q. What about the picture for the yearbook?

A. We supply your yearbook photo to you when you select and pay for your package order. You deliver that photo to the yearbook staff at your school.

Q. How long will it take to get my pictures back?

A. Allow two to three weeks for portraits to be available. Or we can ship them to you. See below.

Q. Can you ship my order to me?

A. Absolutely. In fact, one of the HUGE benefits of digital shooting is that we reduce your number of visits to the studio from four down to one. For a small fee, we can ship your order via FedEx -- insured and everything. Shipping runs approximately $8.00 to $10.00.

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