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Senior Package Order Guidelines

Remember! You must place your Senior package order no more than one week after your portrait session to meet the no sitting fee deadline. After one week, your deposit is credited as a sitting fee.

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Slide Show Your slide show may be paused at any time. It's a good idea to pause in the middle of a section of poses and use the arrow keys to toggle back and forth to select the shot that you like the best in that particular pose and then move on to another pose.

Pose Selection Once you have selected the poses you like, jot down the last four digits of the file names and assign sizes to each pose to conform with your package selection.

Sheet Equivalencies You may customize the package to suit your needs. Following are the "sheet" equivalencies. All sheets equal each other:

1-8x10 per sheet
2-5x7's per sheet (same pose)
8-Wallets per sheet (same pose)

In other words: 1-8x10=2-5x7's=8-Wallets

Substitutions In the Spencer, for example, there are three 8x10's. If you do not want all those 8x10's, you may substitute one or all of them for 2-5x7's each or a sheet of 8-Wallets and vice versa.

There are nine sheets of wallets in that package. They can be divided up (by sheets of 8) any way you like among the poses you have selected.

There are also 11x14's in the Spencer and the Graduate packages. If you need or want the number of poses in those packages, but do not want the 11x14, it can be exchanged for two sheets of any kind.

Additional Poses and Sheets You may add a sheet of any kind to your package for $35.00 per sheet. For instance, if you need more wallets, simply add a sheet of 8 wallets for $35.00. Once you have satisfied the need for 5 poses in the package, you can even make the additional sheet a totally different pose.

Yearbook Photo Regardless of the poses you choose for your package, the yearbook photo (drape for girls, tux for boys) is included as part of the deal and does not have to be counted as a pose in the package. The yearbook photo is made at the same time we make your order, so if you are on a deadline, please do not wait until the last minute to place your order. The student is responsible for delivering the yearbook photo to the yearbook staff.

Want a Proof Book? Before digital, we used proof books to present the photos to you. Some folks still like the idea of a proof book. If you would like a proof book, they may be added to a package for $150.00. Simply select 20 of your favorites from the photo shoot and they will be installed in a proof book for you. Except for the shots that you've selected for your package (always re-touched, even a little) the proofs are not re-touched. They are just like you see them onscreen.

Free Wallet Imprinting Names on wallets is available. It is free as part of your package. You may elect to have just your first name or you may also add your graduation year below your name. You must specify whether you want the whole year or abbreviated year, ie: 2005 or '05.

You do not have to get your name on all of the wallets, but the selection must be by the pose.

Placing Your Order To place your order, call or email me the photo numbers, along with the sizes desired. A credit card number is taken over the phone and your order is processed and will be shipped to you. There is no need for you to make a return visit to the studio. At "imagine That" Studios, we are striving to make your Senior photo experience as convenient as possible.

If you place your order via email (the best way, since there can be no transcription errors), you must still call me with a credit card number. Please do not put your credit card number in an email, as it is not encrypted.

If you have any further questions about how to place your order, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Our phone number is 410-884-9333

5388 Mad River Lane Columbia, MD 21044 (410) 884.9333
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